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Where are we based?  What the main aim of the group?  Who runs the group?  Who chooses the plays?  How are they cast?  



It's certainly not all about acting!

About Us

Where are we based?

In Kinver, Staffordshire, and our members come from far-and-wide to join in with our activities. We rehearse at the Edward Marsh Centre in Kinver twice a week, and perform our twice-yearly productions there too.



What's the main aim of the group?

There are two: to produce varied drama to a high standard for audiences to enjoy, and to enjoy ourselves while we're doing it!  



Who runs the group?

We're run by a committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members. They're responsible for running the group as well as organising social events, publicity, the website, box office, mailing list and members' newsletter.  



Who chooses the plays?

The Director submits several plays to the committee. They're all read and then one play is chosen over the others. There are several criteria for choosing a play: availability of casting and backstage help, cost of and complication of set, costumes and props,. popularity with audiences etc



How are the plays cast?

All interested members are invited to come along to a reading of the chosen play. This is then followed by an informal casting evening, where small sections of the play are read by those interested in taking a part. The director then chooses his cast and production team, and rehearsals begin.



How often do we stage a play?

Twice a year: in February and July. Each production has a run of four days: from Wednesday to Saturday.


In addition, we enter festivals, and hold workshops and one-off performances through the year. Most recently we took a locally-written play to the Edinburgh Fringe, having put on a preview performance for our supporters locally.  


Plus, we've performed - for two years running - a play in the National Trust's Rock Houses. The Spirits of the Rock was written by Martin Ward from NKP, and commissioned by the National Trust.



Is it all about acting?

Not at all! We pride ourselves on putting in-place a quality crew for each production, involving actors, a stage manager, and assistant stage manager, set designer, set constructor, costumer manager, make-up artist, hairdresser, props manager, lighting technician, sound technician, front-of-house manager, ticket secretary plus box office team and progamme secretary.



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Do we run a Patrons Scheme?

Yes we do.   For an annual fee of £22, NKP Patrons receive a free ticket and programme for each of our productions, plus reserved seating, a priority booking service  and VIP treatment for you and your guests.



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