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The comic poet of middle class life, always so very funny, goes deeper and darker in this triumphant play about a housewife named Susan who is married to a boring cleric named Gerald.


After getting knocked out by stepping on the tooth end of a garden rake, Susan experiences hilarious hallucinations in which her oppressive and boring everyday life is replaced by a fantasy in which she is an ideal wife and mother with an ideal family.


While her real family treats her with condescension and apathy, her fantasy family dresses in lovely white, always drinks champagne, lives in a stately home and tells her that she is wonderful. Eventually, the fantasy family becomes nightmarish and Susan begins to realize that she is going mad.

Woman in Mind by Alan Ayckbourn

July 4 - 7, 2018

We are proud to announce that we will be taking a play for one week to the Edinburgh Fringe in August this year. Prior to heading north we would like to give you an exclusive opportunity to see the play that we will be performing: A Librarian - a 45 minute thriller written by local playwright, Stephen Moran.


Experience the life of lonely spinster - Anne Poole - and re-live the ‘incident’ as she takes you on a journey; acting-out episodes as she remembers them, with the characters in her head coming to life before your eyes. An intense thriller, with an unexpected disclosure.


'A rich and nuanced performance at the heart of this gripping play.’ (Paul Fowler: Guild of Drama Adjudicators, Chair).

A Librarian by Stephen Moran

One night only - Thursday August 9, 2018

Last summer we presented Spirits of the Rock, written by our Chairman Martin Ward, to sell-out audiences as part of the Rock Houses National Trust centenary celebrations. It was very well received by all who attended this short play and, by popular demand, we are pleased to announce that we will - once again -  be presenting ‘Spirits’ in the Ballroom at the Rock Houses.


The Spirits of the Rock brings to life the history of the Rock Houses, taking you on a journey of discovery, exploring real-life characters and their experiences

over the years at Holy Austin Rock Houses ...

Spirits of the Rock by Martin Ward

Afternoon and evening - Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September, 2018

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